Monday, January 25, 2010

Almost got my panties in a wad...

All righty, then.  Made it to Tokyo on the shinkansen.  Went by the Embassy and set up my equipment for tomorrow's start.  Then to my home for the next month where my luggage was waiting. I had it sent ahead by a delivery service.  It's common to have things delivered here.  You can have your purchases delivered from a department store and there's a service that will deliver stuff from Costco, etc.  It cost me around $40 to ship two large bags.  My equipment, I bring myself.  I guess since people don't have cars they can haul a bunch of stuff in, the delivery services are popular.

I'm in a nice apartment on the 5th floor.  I can see Tokyo Tower, sort of, from here. Have everything I need, a kitchen with all the accoutrements, washer/dryer, heated floors.  Huh?  Yep, heated floors. That's in addition to the heated toilet seat.  (Do they have those in the U.S. yet?) With a TV that gets Animal Planet and a freezer that makes ice, I'm happy as a pig in ... lipstick?  Well, that may be a poor choice of phrases, but you get the idea.

I've only had two small crises so far.  First, I ordered out for dinner and couldn't figure out how to let the delivery guy through the secure entry of the building.  The building manager came to my rescue on that one (you have to pick up the phone before pressing the key button, duh).

Then, after having unpacked both my bags, I could only find three pair of underwear!  Now, they do have underwear available in vending machines here (yes, I've seen them), but not for a girl my size.  Thankfully, after looking through everything twice, I found the others, you guessed it, just where I left them.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief and am thrilled that I won't have to wash undies every three days!


  1. Oh, what huge crises you're having girlie! Sounds like a VACATION to me! I mean, come on, how posh are heated toilet seats?!! Did you see my facebook comment about being mentioned on air last night? Of course, I failed to mention how I screwed up the captions because I was freaking. but oh well. only screwed up one sentence, so like Gail told me, move on! ha,ha!

  2. where are you, Debie?! Post a picture, write a story, something, ok?!! Love you, miss you